Haute Category rides in the jindabyne area

Jindabyne to Tom Groggin and return.

An undertaking for serious riders, once you ride past Thredbo you really are on your own with phone coverage disappearing as you plunge towards the Murray River.    This ride does allow groups of varying ability and fitness to all participate, riders can turn at Dead Horse Gap, Leather Barrel Creek or any point in between.  Regrouping in Thredbo allows those who turn early to enjoy an extra cup of coffee while they await the rest of the group.  Tom Groggin to Leather Barrel Creek has many sections of 17-18% gradient, the "easier" sections of 13% feel relatively flat!

Make sure you stop in at Thredbo to fill water bottles and fuel up especially on the way home as there is still "Ivo's Farm" hill to climb before a great run back to Jindabyne and a well earned swim in the lake.

*Please ignore the ride time - Google are very conservative in their speed estimates.

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Jindabyne, Rocky Plains, Cooma (or Berridale), Dalgety, Jindabyne

Another serious adventure, Cooma offers great coffee and food at "The Lott", Dalgety has a basic general store good for a coke but there is not much else out there.  This ride is a huge day but can be shortened by skipping the Rocky Plains section and heading straight to Cooma along the Highway.  It can be ridden in either direction - Beloka Hill, between Jindabyne and Dalgety is a grunt to get up but an equally challenging descent - take care going down it is steep and the corners are sharp.  Riding from Cooma to Rocky Plains also has significant climbing on it but ridden in reverse the descents are not as steep as Beloka. 

*Please ignore the ride time - Google are very conservative in their speed estimates.